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Digital Health & Care

The health and care landscape is changing – supply is straining to keep up with demand, globally.  Two key trends, which are self-reinforcing, are creating pressure for those who deliver health and care services:
I. From acute to chronic – a combination of advances in medical science, less healthy diets and more sedentary lifestyles is rapidly increasing the incidence of chronic diseases.  And mature health systems, designed mainly for treating acute health issues, face growing challenges to cope; and
II. Ageing populations – as life expectancy extends, larger numbers of citizens will require treatment for chronic conditions, which are positively correlated with age.
Untreated chronic diseases and the needs of ageing citizens create health and welfare impacts which are progressive over time.  So priorities shift from dealing with occasional patients (“fall ill; get treated; get better”) to dealing with variable, creeping degrees of citizen un-wellness, and a focus on prevention rather than cure.
“Treatment” is only one lens for looking for opportunities – there is significant potential in creating new service propositions that combine data, analytics, digital devices and incentives for citizen to change their behaviour which can reduce demand pressure on those who supply health and care services.
The scale of this opportunity is very significant – in Scotland alone, there is forecast to be an 85% increase in the number of citizens aged 75+ by 2039.  That’s an additional 370,000 citizens – more than the total current populations (of every age group) of Scottish towns; Perth, Paisley, Dunfermline, East Kilbride, Livingston and Cumbernauld – combined.
And globally, the numbers are much more significant.   Looking only at relatively wealthy countries with mature healthcare systems, the number of citizens aged 75+ is forecast to increase by 71% - an additional 73 million citizens, equivalent to and “extra” Canada + Australia + Ireland!
The nature and scale of the national and global opportunities for businesses with potential solutions for the sector (hyperlink to You Tube/and or Slide Share for Business Breakfast-based slide deck).
How we can help?
Citrus Mind successfully delivered the Scottish Enterprise Network Integrator (NI) intervention to support the development of an emerging industry cluster with an interest in the exciting digital health & care sector.
This 3-year assignment, involved working with multiple project stakeholders from across the public (Scottish Enterprise and Highlands & Islands Enterprise), private (200+ Scottish SMEs) and civic (Digital Health & Care Institute – DH&CI, Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare and NHS Boards) sectors to identify, qualify and mobilise high impact innovation opportunities for Scottish companies.
We have unique and deep experience of working with ambitious entrepreneurs and enlightened civic leaders helping evaluate new technologies, develop new applications and combinations of technology, create new business models, build new collaborations between civic authorities, businesses and academics – all focussed on overcoming challenges and creating new opportunities for effective, affordable health, care and wellness.
These opportunities have the potential to let healthcare and technology professionals bring new science to consumers; manage better health and care delivery systems; create new, data-driven insights; design wellness applications for consumer hardware; and develop new business models for managing costs and funding investment.
Further, we also developed a new ‘digital cluster’ building from a standing start, an innovative virtual community supporting awareness raising, information dissemination as well as encouraging wider collaboration – please take a look by visiting our sister website (www.dhcinnovate.com – hyperlink to add). Please feel free to join the conversation either by subscribing to the SCDH&C newsletter or participating via the various supporting social media channels, including LinkedIn. More (hyperlink to Case Study #11)
You can also find out more about the Network Integrator project here (hyperlink to Case Study #14).
If you are interested in learning more about our experience and knowledge and finding out how we could help you develop a business idea, explore the “art of the possible”, implement a new project or find a collaboration partner, please Contact Us for a chat.

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