Raising Finance - Building Business Case for Investment

Delivery: Raising Finance – “Building a Business Case for Investment”


We initiated the concept and, co-designed what was a high profile collaborative partnership between the third, public and private sectors designed to cut domestic energy waste and help accelerate the installation of low-CO2 micro-energy generation in Scotland’s social housing stock.

In addition to tunkey management of teh project, our value add included the design and delivery of an open-source digital platform with cloud-storage enabling Housing Associations, individually, to codify and store their own stock performance data and, collectively, to quantify and communicate aggregated performance. 

This new and innovative channel raised the profile of the sector and its performance in achieving smarter home energy management.


To enable the project to happen we developed and articulated the multi-stakeholder business case.  Which information was successfull in raising over £1.2m of funding, over 3 years, to deliver and run this stand-alone programme.



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