What We Do

Citrus Mind specialise in innovation, digital transformation and growth. 

For more than 20 years we have been providing independent trusted advice, ideas, solutions and results for our clients – in the public and third sectors as well as the corporate and SME world.  Typically we help our clients take advantage of changing circumstances by evaluating and selecting development opportunities that can achieve objectives, bring success, minimise risk and create exciting options for the future.  We have a wealth of experience and knowledge that provides an abundance of idea pools, applications and approaches to digital innovation.  And our extensive professional network means we have lots of ways and experience in helping devlop new and innovative collaborative solutions.

Ultimately we bring both practical experience and fresh thinking operating as an independent “outsider” approach to identifying, evaluating and seizing the opportunities that can make an impact and add the most value for your organisation.


Please take a walk through the sections below, and find out a bit more about what we do and how we work. Contact us if you would like to have a chat about if, where and how we might be able to help.


Growth: Digital FOR your business

Looking outwards

Everything changes - your customers are using mobile devices, relying on digital connectivity and their needs and expectations are changing - fast, like your competitors, both current and future.  How should you respond?  And where do the new opportunities lie for your organisation?
We can help you reach for opportunities, and tackle threats, by applying our tried tested approaches to problem-solving – you might find it helpful for us to help you work through one, or more, of these steps:

  • Examination -  research on market, customer & competitor context; running in-house workshops
  • Diagnosis: opportunity evaluation and prioritisation
  • Prescription: objective-setting & strategy; routes to market; partnerships and collaborations
  • Delivery: making the business case – running the numbers, raising investment


Click the links below to find out about each Case Study

Examination: Market & Customer Research - a nationwide research study for the industry trade body mapping social enterprise activity across the Housing Association sector in Scotland.

Diagnosis: Opportunity Evaluation - evaluating commercialisation options for an NHS Board to create value from in-house management information tools.

Prescription: Strategy & Resources – helping an ambitious and growth focused SME turn a niche in-house service offering into a stand-alone profitable business.

Prescription: Routes to Market - we delivered training for over 100 SMEs on behalf of Scottish Enterprise on digital marketing, social media channels and exporting

Prescription: Partnerships & Collaborations I – to help small businesses overcome the challenges of selling to large public sector buyers, we brought SMEs together with a corporate/”Tier 1” supplier to match specialist digital products with sub-contracting opportunities.

Prescription: Partnerships & Collaborations II – contracted by Scottish Enterprise to identify new routes to market for hi-tech, high-growth SMEs via collaboration.

Prescription: Partnerships & Collaborations III – collaborated with a   leading Scottish University to successfully apply for funding for a digital innovation project.

Delivery: Raising Investment – we developed and articulated the business case to successfully raise over £1.2m of funding, over 3 years, to launch and deliver an innovative, multi-stakeholder green energy project.


These are just a few examples of our work – can we perhaps help you with your own particular challenges? – why not contact us for an initial, no-commitment chat


Transformation: Digital IN your business

Working smarter


The technology environment is constantly changing at an accelerating pace – mobile broadband, tablets and smartphones, cloud computing: when your current systems start to creak, what sort of change should you be making?  How do you work smarter and keep in step with your customers? What options do you have, and how do you future-proof your decisions?  Can your organisation adapt?
Our experience in performance improvement is extensive - our team has 30+ years of experience working on process and change management across the corporate, small business, third and public sectors.
We often design and pilot projects for our clients to de-risk investments allowing us and, our clients to test options, see what works and press the accelerator with confidence.  Using tried and tested methods and approaches, all our proposals lay out a clear, do-able plan that provide a clear, unambiguous and a deliverable plan for making it happen in:

Operations & Systems

  •  Change Management - project development, design, mobilisation and management
  •  Process Improvement: re-design, cost reduction, business cases for ICT investment
  •  Implementation: independent vendor specification development and supplier selection support for investments in Technology
  •  Doing Digital Business: managing digital channels, digital communication tools


  •  Organisation & Governance: fit-for-purpose reviews and action planning
  •  Leadership team development: Executive and Team coaching
  •  Personal development: whether it’s a career change or a role change within your existing organisation, we can provide a little extra support and a fresh perspective


Operations: Process Improvement – engaged by Local Authority client to re-design a key revenues and benefits process.

Systems: IT Investment Evaluation – contracted via framework by the National Economic Development Agency to deliver expert 1-2-1 expert, vendor independent advice to SMEs on Technology investments to achieve a step-change in operating effectiveness.

Systems: Commercial IT Implementation – advising and supporting small enterprises in vendor selection, negotiation and appointment of ICT suppliers of operational software and hardware systems.

Operations: Managing Digital Channels - building and running an virtual community for engaging with customers and suppliers in the emerging and exciting digital health and care sector

People: Organisation & Governance – helping a third sector organisation add new activities by designing processes for decision-making and spending.

People: Executive Coaching & Development – We provide both Executive Coaching and mentoring support to a number of individuals including being an approved European Commission Horizon 2020* business development and high potential innovation coach. 

  *€ 3 billion in funding over the period 2014-2020, the SME Instrument helps high-potential SMEs to develop groundbreaking innovative ideas for products, services or processes that are ready to face global market competition.

Please contact us for a confidential and free consultation to discuss your needs.





Specialist Sectors: Digital Health & Care

Digital Health & Care

The health and care landscape is changing – supply is straining to keep up with demand, globally.  Two key trends, which are self-reinforcing, are creating pressure for those who deliver health and care services:
I. From acute to chronic – a combination of advances in medical science, less healthy diets and more sedentary lifestyles is rapidly increasing the incidence of chronic diseases.  And mature health systems, designed mainly for treating acute health issues, face growing challenges to cope; and
II. Ageing populations – as life expectancy extends, larger numbers of citizens will require treatment for chronic conditions, which are positively correlated with age.
Untreated chronic diseases and the needs of ageing citizens create health and welfare impacts which are progressive over time.  So priorities shift from dealing with occasional patients (“fall ill; get treated; get better”) to dealing with variable, creeping degrees of citizen un-wellness, and a focus on prevention rather than cure.
“Treatment” is only one lens for looking for opportunities – there is significant potential in creating new service propositions that combine data, analytics, digital devices and incentives for citizen to change their behaviour which can reduce demand pressure on those who supply health and care services.
The scale of this opportunity is very significant – in Scotland alone, there is forecast to be an 85% increase in the number of citizens aged 75+ by 2039.  That’s an additional 370,000 citizens – more than the total current populations (of every age group) of Scottish towns; Perth, Paisley, Dunfermline, East Kilbride, Livingston and Cumbernauld – combined.
And globally, the numbers are much more significant.   Looking only at relatively wealthy countries with mature healthcare systems, the number of citizens aged 75+ is forecast to increase by 71% - an additional 73 million citizens, equivalent to and “extra” Canada + Australia + Ireland!
The nature and scale of the national and global opportunities for businesses with potential solutions for the sector (hyperlink to You Tube/and or Slide Share for Business Breakfast-based slide deck).
How we can help?
Citrus Mind successfully delivered the Scottish Enterprise Network Integrator (NI) intervention to support the development of an emerging industry cluster with an interest in the exciting digital health & care sector.
This 3-year assignment, involved working with multiple project stakeholders from across the public (Scottish Enterprise and Highlands & Islands Enterprise), private (200+ Scottish SMEs) and civic (Digital Health & Care Institute – DH&CI, Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare and NHS Boards) sectors to identify, qualify and mobilise high impact innovation opportunities for Scottish companies.
We have unique and deep experience of working with ambitious entrepreneurs and enlightened civic leaders helping evaluate new technologies, develop new applications and combinations of technology, create new business models, build new collaborations between civic authorities, businesses and academics – all focussed on overcoming challenges and creating new opportunities for effective, affordable health, care and wellness.
These opportunities have the potential to let healthcare and technology professionals bring new science to consumers; manage better health and care delivery systems; create new, data-driven insights; design wellness applications for consumer hardware; and develop new business models for managing costs and funding investment.
Further, we also developed a new ‘digital cluster’ building from a standing start, an innovative virtual community supporting awareness raising, information dissemination as well as encouraging wider collaboration – please take a look by visiting our sister website ( – hyperlink to add). Please feel free to join the conversation either by subscribing to the SCDH&C newsletter or participating via the various supporting social media channels, including LinkedIn. More (hyperlink to Case Study #11)
You can also find out more about the Network Integrator project here (hyperlink to Case Study #14).
If you are interested in learning more about our experience and knowledge and finding out how we could help you develop a business idea, explore the “art of the possible”, implement a new project or find a collaboration partner, please Contact Us for a chat.


Specialist Sectors: Circular Economy

Circular Economy Business Models (CEBMs)

The widening gap between sustainable resource availability and demand creates global-scale threats – including rising costs for material, energy, land, water; extreme volatility in commodity markets; and economic and social risk of supply disruptions.  These threats are stimulating interest in CEBMs.
The traditional model of “dig stuff up, use it for a while, put it back in the ground” (or “take/make/waste”) is placing progressive strain on our natural resources – and something which is not sustainable tends to stop.  Circular economy models set out to massively reduce the scale at which finite natural resources are consumed by implementing new approaches to

  • Recovering, recycling and re-using waste;
  • Repairing, refurbishing and re-selling goods; and
  • Returning components and goods as manufacturing inputs


Physical limits to the availability of many natural resources, environmental harm from their incremental depletion and environmental damage from their premature or inappropriate disposal - all of these forces are driving the search for approaches that are commercially viable as well as environmentally sustainable.


A CEBM creates new connections within supply chains, introducing self-reinforcing dynamics that increase sustainability by reducing natural resource depletion – they design waste out of the system and strive to return materials into the highest value possible re-use and to be retained in use for longer. Design sits at the heart of the circular economy, spanning supply and demand;

  • Products – e.g. standardisation of components; re-manufactured materials
  • Business models – e.g. hiring/leasing; performance/service systems; incentivised return; asset management; collaborative consumption; long life
  • Services – new/enhanced propositions for access to functionality from (vs. ownership of)
  • Processes – e.g. recovery & high-value re-deployment of biological and technical materials

New technologies play a key enabling role in the design of CEBMs. Examples come from materials and life sciences, modular design, 3D printing, “big data”, mobile and cloud computing. CEBMs are about much more than “better waste” and reducing landfill – they are many and varied and span new approaches to:

  • next-generation logistics to facilitate return and re-use;
  • new technologies to recover components;
  • the re-marketing of re-furbished products in different market segments (next life sales”);
  • product-to-service models that increase asset utilisation by selling access to product utility rather than transferring product ownership; and
  • collaborative consumption, where digital tools enable fractional usage – with flourishing examples in transport and accommodation

Citrus Mind is an invited participant in two separate CEBM advisory consortia, each led by an international plc, which are contracted to supply a range of technical and commercial advisory services, and project management support, to clients of Zero Waste Scotland, the Scottish Government agency supporting delivery of the national circular economy strategy and the EU’s Europe 2020 growth strategy.


If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you find out how and where CEBM approaches may be effective for you, please Contact Us for an informal, commitment-free chat.


Innovation: Collaborative Projects

Partnerships & Collaborations

In a complex world, individuals and businesses face issues and opportunities that are ever-more inter-connected.  Challenges become multi-faceted and it becomes ever-less likely that all of the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful can be found, or afforded, in-house.

New opportunities exist where two or more organisations, be they in the business, civic or academic sectors, are able to identify a common goal, share values, have a similar appetite for risk and real respect for each other’s strengths.  Opportunities can often be tackled more effectively, more quickly, more cheaply and with less risk by combining skills, assets or resources in new ways – to “bake a bigger pie”.
We know that organisations don’t collaborate – people do.  We have built a track record of bringing together individuals with a compatible approach to integrity and transparency, who can build trust and respect for the value of others contributions and maintain a clear focus on value creation that can endure for the duration of an initiatives – be that a fixed-term project, or an open-ended venture to sustain beyond their own tenure.  Effective decision-making demands individual transparency to achieve organisational benefit.
There are many practical matters to be agreed including:

  • How money is contributed
  • How effort and resources are rewarded
  • How benefits are shared
  • How intellectual property (brought and created) is managed
  • Who risks what – and how this should be shared
  • What degree of formality is needed (joint venture, partnership, affiliation?)


And then there is the human aspect – how friendships and relationships might be affected. We are experienced practitioners at making connections, within and across sectors – acting as “honest brokers” to help parties come together to coalesce around opportunities:

  • Pursuing exploratory projects to develop new products, methods and methods
  • Jointly preparing funding bids for project finance


Our team has worked in many multi-stakeholder projects and ventures over many years.  You can read about one or two of these in our Case Studies section:

  • The Carbon Portal a 5-party collaborative delivery partnership on an innovative, national-scale project in the energy sector 
  • In our national role as Network Integrator in the Digital Health & Case sector we prepared project applications on behalf of businesses for the Digital Health & Care Institute, Scotland’s Innovation Centre under the “triple helix” Academic/Business/Civic collaborative model – find out more about our role here 
  • We have also delivered Masterclass sessions on behalf of the Digital Health & Care Institute on Partnerships and Collaborations – see some of the materials we used here


We are always delighted for an opportunity to sit down and spend some time to try and understand your challenges, help you explore opportunities or consider what new initiatives might be possible with a little external help – Contact Us for a free consultation.


Training, Coaching & Personal Development

Executive Coaching & Development – we well appreciate that the demands placed upon today’s senior managers and executives are more challenging than ever with more scrutiny and far greater expectations than ever before.  We have accumulated many years of experience working in industry opertaing across a number of senior executive roles. Add to that the very practical and varied experience gained from the realities of founding, running growing and indeed selling several enterprises over the years.  


So whether it’s a career change or a role change within your existing organisation, if you are looking for a little extra support and fresh perspective on your personal and / or business goals and ambitions.  Please Contact Us for a free and confidential discussion.


Note: - We also provide both Executive Coaching and expert mentoring support to a number of individuals including being an approved European Commission Horizon 2020 business development and high potential innovation coach. This is a € 3 billion funding program for the period 2014-2020, the SME Instrument helps high-potential SMEs to develop innovative ideas for products, services or processes that are ready to face global market competition.

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