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Network Integrator, Digital Health & Care


In 2013, Citrus Mind was appointed by Scottish Enterprise as national Network Integrator (NI) for the Digital Health & Care sector.  The purpose of this intervention was to support the development of an industry cluster in this emerging industry sector to help Scotland derive economic development benefit from the transformative potential of digital technology.
This was a 3-year assignment, during which time we worked with our multiple project stakeholders from across the public (Scottish Enterprise and Highlands & Islands Enterprise), private (200+ Scottish SMEs) and civic (Digital Health & Care Institute – DH&CI, Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare and NHS Boards) sectors to identify, qualify and mobilise high impact innovation opportunities for Scottish companies.
Our delivery activities consisted of;

  • Continuous and regular direct engagement support to the various stakeholder organisations to help shape appropriate opportunities;
  • Ensuring that stakeholder priorities were communicated effectively to Scottish SMEs with a view to raising awareness and maximising the role and involvement of Scottish businesses in the development and delivery of relevant, innovative health, care and wellness solutions with economic development potential;
  • Gathering and maintaining an up to date and in-depth knowledge of the broader mechanisms, resources, funding etc. accessible to Scottish SMEs from all of the stakeholders which help accelerate business entry, development and growth in the sector;
  • Providing feedback and market intelligence to the Enterprise Agencies on the optimal alignment of support mechanisms for the evolving sector;
  • Engaging, via a combination of one-on-one dialogue and group events, with over 200 individual Scottish SME’s to make them aware of priorities and specific opportunities.  We used this engagement activity as a two-way communication channel to;

(i) raise awareness and interest amongst the SME community of the emerging market and business opportunity;
(ii) gather market and company intelligence from SMEs about capability and ambition, and to identify potential applications for product and services within the health and care sector; and
(iii) disseminate to SMEs information about a range of potential innovation opportunities for Scottish businesses within the sector;
• Developing, populating and managing a CRM database to store and disseminate information to all stakeholders about Scottish businesses with capability, ambition and potential.

Our role also required us to identify, prepare and propose companies, both individually and via collaborations, to address specific opportunities including;

  • Identification of support mechanisms and funding streams available to companies and which will enable them to take advantage of such opportunities
  • Development and maintenance of knowledge about the wider range of funding products, processes, criteria, key contacts, etc. available to ensure that appropriate funding is unlocked and made available to eligible applicants, to maximise utilisation on national priorities;
  • Where appropriate, identify and articulate within a short Action Plan (i) an outline of the specific opportunity and (ii) the key actions and interactions required to enable it to be progressed

During the contract, we completed more than 200 engagements, meeting all project KPI’s in relation to partnerships/collaborations; finding and developing new projects for DH&CI Innovation Centre; and developing a pipeline of SE Network product referrals.

In addition, we also designed and delivered a series of dedicated SME, specialist events to encourage awareness about opportunities, participation in the sector and to help identify suitable candidate projects for ongoing development by stakeholders.


To support wider project objectives, we also developed and delivered a complimentary approach to ‘digital cluster’ building, including the creation, from a standing start, of an innovative online community which supports awareness raising, information dissemination as well as encouraging wider collaboration – please take a look by visiting the website we created  This latter “ virtual cluster”  also has various supporting social media channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Slideshare, as well as a monthly Online Newsletter to the community.
If you are a stakeholder in the health and care ecosystem, would like to learn more about our experience and deep knowledge of the sector or, perhaps find out how we could work with you to build relationships and contacts, globally, using digital communication and social media channels, please get in touch – we would be delighted to have a chat and see how we might help.  Contact Us

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